Immigration Reform - Keeping Families Together

The Guevara Family poses with Congressman Darren Soto at the 2018 YAD Day event

Family is the most important piece in the foundation of any society, but because of current immigration policies & a broken system, they are being torn apart on a daily basis. YAD does not get lost with statistics, instead it focuses on each person, knowing that 1,100 families are destroyed each day across our country due to deportations. We advocate on behalf of these families as we work to get a true comprehensive immigration reform bill passed that will finally allow these families to emerge from the shadows in which they've lived in fear & are exploited in their jobs. It is not amnesty nor automatic citizenship that we push for, but instead a system that will allow these immigrants to work for residency in an earned manner, & will also ensure that they are able to apply for citizenship after an allotted amount of time.

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