Dr. MLK Jr Parade
- Winter Haven

Since January 2011, The Young American Dreamers have participated in Winter Haven's annual Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day Parade. YAD believes in equal rights for all, so we join others in honoring this great civil rights leader. YAD also links Cesar Chavez from the farm worker movement into this event because Polk County is a largely agricultural area. Both leaders fought for minorities & farm workers, so both deserve to be honored.


In this event, YAD gives out candy to over 1,000 people. Days before the event, members collect bags of candy, mix them all together, and then seperate them up in baggies of approximately 5 pieces each to make passing it out somewhat easier.

Halloween Trick-Or-Treating
- Eloise

On October 2012, The Young American Dreamers were invited to The Eloise Resource Centers annual Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Candy Give Away. This holds a special place in our hearts because our founder, Maria Isabel, had just been hired on & was expected to begin work there before her passing. We still take pride in this as we give back to the community & help give children a safe and memorable night.


We're proud to say that we were the only group present that did not run out of candy, even after having given out to over 400 children.

NKF's Kidney Walk
- Lakeland

November 2010, The Young American Dreamers raised over $300 for the National Kidney Foundation's "Kidney Walk" around Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland, FL. As we've grown, we've also increased our collective donation.


Our members dedicate each annual walk to certain friends & loved ones. Members love the day's activities after the walk and learn a lot about kidney health.