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About Y.A.D.
In The Beginning...


In December 2005, The Border Protection, Anti-terrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act, also known as HR4437, was voted on and passed. This created a whole new level of hostility & animosity towards immigrants in this country. Maria Isabel, our founder, organized friends to help a local effort to plan a march & rally in protest of this discriminatory law. She & her friends networked with local youth and helped gather supplies & made signs. Over 1,200 people showed up to the Building Bridges with Unity march that took place on April 22nd 2006 in Winter Haven, FL.


As time progressed, this small group of young friends saw that there were many other important issues that needed to be addressed in their community & turned this need into an opportunity to take action into their own hands. So in May of 2010 they officially founded The Young American Dreamers. They decided that by taking action & volunteering, they could show others that instead of complaining & pointing fingers, it would be more productive to lend a helping hand.

YAD membership varies from elementary school aged children to college aged young adults. They do volunteer community service throughout the local area and help other groups & non-profit organizations. At times some political action is taken seeing how certain legislative decisions affect our youth, neighbors, & families. YAD members have traveled from Miami, FL to Washington, D.C. to take part in rallies, marches, & demonstrations to support the group's ideals & show members firsthand how democracy works.


Throughout the year, YAD members do all types of fundraisers including car washes, bussing tables at local CiCi's Pizza restaurants, holding yard sales, & doing raffles. At the end of each school year, YAD awards out several scholarships to winners of their essay competition. Education is important to our youth & by doing this, YAD members feel proud that they have helped another student pursue their dreams.


So based out of Auburndale in Polk County, FL, The Young American Dreamers are tomorrow's leaders taking action today!!!

Our Logo

The triangle is the Greek symbol for Delta meaning "doorway" and has also often been used to symbolize goals & dreams. In mathematics, Delta means change and/or difference. Our triangle stands on one point meaning to have the smallest beginning, but it grows as it moves upward.


Inside the triangle, we also have a hand reaching for a shooting star to show that our dreams must be worked for, instead of sitting idly by. Combined, both symbols show that we cannot just dream of change, because in order to move forward in a world that's in constant motion, you must work to chase them down!

Our Official Colors

The colors green & yellow were selected to be YAD's official colors for very specific reasons. First of all, green is the color of balance. It also means learning, growth and harmony. The basic principles of YAD, is to work for balance in the world, to fight for true social justice. The color yellow symbolizes wisdom coming from intellectual creativity. So these two colors help us fight for balance & justice thru the use of intelligent decisions. 

As our members wear green for growth and learning, it is our supporters in yellow that pass down  their wisdom thru their leadership.

Our Iconic Shirts

YAD members wear a green shirt with a shooting star over the left breast with the letters "Y.A.D." & our full name & logo is on the back with our motto across the bottom. On our right sleeve we have a yellow butterfly as a memorial tribute to our founder. 


(Modeled by Mayra Isabel Barajas)

YAD supporters wear a yellow shirt that mimics member shirts, however colors are reversed. The front & back sides of the shirts are the same, however, the butterfly on the right sleeve is green, & on the left sleeve is SUPPORTER.


YAD supporter T-shirts are given as a gift in appreciation of donations $25 or more.


(Modeled by Jesus Guevara Roque)

YAD's shirts & hoodies are all made by C&E Imprinted Sportswear. Click their logo to visit their website.

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