Library of Hope

In 2009, Daniel Barajas, founded The Library of Hope to collect books & reading glasses for the inmates of Polk County. Daniel's sisters, Norma & Maria Isabel, would mail books regularly to him while he was an inmate at the Polk County Jail. He was very grateful to them, but also saddened to see how other inmates seemed to be forgotten to the world. He would give his books to other inmates, but then also seen that there were those who couldn't even read them due to a lack of reading glasses.

Upon his release, he promised to help out these inmates & did so by founding The Library of Hope. At first he provided books & reading glasses with money from his own pockets but then his sisters joined him, & slowly others followed suit.

In April of 2014, Daniel merged his Library of Hope with The Young American Dreamers & their projects. If you'd like to help, donations of paperback books (with no pictures) & all plastic framed reading glasses are greatly appreciated.


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