UPDATE: Friday, August 9th, we got a phone call from the lawyer that was helping us work Jesus's case, and she notified us that The Department of Homeland Security had approved Jesus's petition and granted him another year here in the U.S.!!! Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support!!!

Father of 4 of Our 
Young American Dreamers

Please take a moment to learn about Jesus Guevara & his upcoming deportation. He's the father of 4 U.S. citizen children, married, owns his own home, & has always paid taxes. He's a church going, hard working family man who has no criminal record. But in 2007 due to a mistaken identity, ICE has been after him & on May 7th, he is set for deportation. 


A few years back, he met Maria Isabel Barajas-Martinez (our founder), while she was working at an immigration lawyer's office. She promised to do all she could to help him in any way she could. He lost contact with her after she passed away, but back in February of this year, he got ahold of her father, brother, and husband after he heard them on the air at La Raza 1570am & was happy to participate in the Say Yes To Citizenship Caravan that traveled across Florida. During the culmination of the caravan in March 2013, he visited the office of Senator Marco Rubio in Washington DC. He was pointed towards his office in Orlando for help with his case. Sadly, a few weeks later, he was rejected & denied any help.


As part of a nationwide campaign, YAD participated in a rally & march in Orlando on April 10th (A10) to again pressure Senator Rubio's stance on immigration reform. Members from YAD spoke at this rally and after the march, spoke with members from Rubio's staff. Finally his office jumped on board and has been helping us since then.  


He holds onto the hope that congressmen Luis Gutierrez from Illinois, Alan Grayson from Florida's 9th District, & Dennis Ross from Florida's 15th District are all 3 working on his case.However on April 24th, Congressman Ross's office received a response from ICE stating that they would not grant him an extension, nor drop the charges. FLIC has put us in contact with a lawyer from Plant City who is now filing two petitions on his behalf and will go to court with him on Tuesday, May 7th.  



  • On May 7th, he was given an extension until June 24th


  • On June 24th, he was given an additional extension until July 22nd


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