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Welcome to The Young American Dreamers official website. Be sure to check in often to see news updates about upcoming events, photos from previous events, & information about projects we are working on. We always stay busy & we try to do as much as we can. But no matter how much we do, we couldn't do it without all the support we get from our community, friends, & family. God bless...


- The Village Elder

YAD Day 2018 (71 of 79)
Our Oath
We promise, to use our hands to help our community, our hearts to show compassion to those in need, and our voices to speak up for the ones who are ignored. 

With our feet we shall stand tall & march proud next to our fellow soldiers. Together we make an army for the greater good. As tomorrow’s leaders, taking action today, we are, The Young American Dreamers.

Our Mission

YAD empowers our youth by instilling in them 3 core principles:

Charity, Community Service, and Social Justice.

Through our works, they learn that just because they are not of working or voting age, that it does not mean that they have no voice, nor impact in this world. Through organizing & informing the populace,  they influence the opinions & actions of others. 

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